Sage at Aria, Las Vegas


Outstanding lamb and veal cheeks as main courses. Some of the best I've had in recent memory. But with praise comes a critique, not of the food but of the service.

Mike, their sommelier went into a lot of detail on the wines he felt would pair well with dishes, and I appreciated his knowledge and input. He's very enthusiastic and helpful. However, the servers don't seem to communicate well with him or vice versa. When I ask for help regarding wines, I generally expect the server and sommelier to talk about the courses I, or in this case, we ordered. Secondly, if I order the food before I order the wine, specifically because we want to pair them, and the server and sommelier are part of that discussion, the amuse and first course should not arrive to the table before our wine.

I wish the service was as crisp and attentive as another restaurant at Aria...Lemongrass