Maestro Schietz? No, Mastro Scheidt!

Lots of emotion, time, expense, and manpower went into yesterday's bottling efforts. When we arrived on site, one of the first things everyone noticed was our stack of Claret bottles, a couple palates worth. On top of the palates we were shocked to see a new winery name, Maestro Schietz.

Scheidt. Right, I get it. My Dad gets it. My brother gets it. Scheidt is not an easy name to say or spell and is often shouted in vain. But Mastro? Maybe it's the old Seinfeld reference to "The Maestro", who knows, but I thought Mastro was 10 times easier to spell than Scheidt. 

This one spelling error was the only glitch in yesterday's bottling. We'd personally like to thank the bottling crew at Mill Creek and of course, David and Fabian for their help (and driving the forklift)