The Transporter and I have something in common

The Transporter, a film starring Jason Statham will always be a favorite. The film was cool; Statham was cool. The Frenchman who played the police inspector was cool.

Many people don't know it, but as the winemaker/owner at Mastro Scheidt, I'm very much like the Transporter, except without a cool BMW. I drive a Nissan XTerra.

For instance, when asked about "the Deal", the Transporter would have some simple questions about every package he transported:

1. Weight

2. Dimensions

3. Destination

My recent transportation job involved 3 packages with a combined weight of 280 lbs destined for Fresno, California. Two empty wine barrels and a case of wine to be exact...try transporting those in the trunk of a BMW!

So the job was 3 items with a combined weight of 280 lbs (127 kilos for the Europeans reading this) destined for Fresno with a pickup in Healdsburg. Driving the speed limit for 249 miles with one stop for gas and refreshment (just like the Transporter)

Driving Highway 99 or I-5 isn't quite as glamorous as the highway of coastal France, but, it's a living.