Custom Recycled Wine Barrel Tops

In the spirit of American Choppers and Monster Garage, Mastro Scheidt Family Cellars brings you American Monster Workshop Backyard Creations by T.L. Scheidt.

Custom projects are always the most difficult. Clients want things "just right". Finding that Goldilocks moment is frustrating and often iterative for the creator and the buyer, which is why custom projects come at a higher price. Custom projects are unique, one-of-a-kind creations. But these days, with highly manufactured templates, the value of the true craftsman has been diminished and marginalized for lower-priced, poorly built knockoffs found in a magazine with free shipping.

Masonry, carpentry, and welding are all combined in this one piece. Additionally, special tools for fabrication are needed as is the skill to use them with each trade. Multiple layers of sanding, setting and staining just to have the oak prepared are needed to start the project. Finding higher quality oak barrels is even difficult these days, as many have been turned into planter boxes or oak chips for the BBQ.

To all of our custom clients...WE THANK YOU!