Tom's BBQ Ribs

Tom not only made the ribs, he made the BBQ as well!

Pretty simple really...

Light fire with wood and paper, charcoal is for rookies. Get the fire on one side of the grill or spread the embers evenly across the rack and set to the lowest setting. As the heat decreases, raise the embers closer to the meat. You want the meat to cook slowly and not "grill", you want it to BBQ. These ribs will take about 3 hours to cook total grill time, but know your grill.

Dry season your ribs with your favorite seasonings, I just use salt, pepper, and garlic powder to start. About mid-way through cooking, begin applying BBQ sauce. You can use a commercial sauce to get started and then add hot sauce, soy sauce and Worchester as I do. Your ribs should come out good.

T.L Scheidt