The Perfect Rib-Eye

A 20 ounce, 60 day dry-aged bone-in rib-eye. Ordered a la carte, the steak was the perfect looking cut placed on a white plate. An even crust surrounded the rib-eye and an un-burnt bone protruded roughly four inches away from the meat. This steak had presence. It’s what you expect from every steakhouse, but rarely receive. The plate itself was warm, but not hot. My first bites were well seasoned and tender. Simple salt and pepper seasoning. In terms of my medium-rare request, this steak was text-book perfect from the first bite until the last. Even the area near the bone wasn’t fleshy rare; it was medium rare. The best steakhouses in the country have difficulty with medium rare throughout. It was obvious the steak was allowed to rest after cooking and not hustled out of the window. I was very pleased with my steak at Carnevor (yes, that's the spelling) in Milwaukee.