Vineyard Sources

Our portfolio of wine grapes are hand-picked from exceptional hillside vineyards in Sonoma County, specifically Dry Creek Valley, Alexander Valley and Russian River.

Looking at all of the grapes we harvest, across each varietal, our fruit is purchased from mountain or hillside locations throughout Dry Creek Valley, Alexander Valley and Russian River Valley. Some are dry farmed and tend to be planted in rocky soils adding depth and concentration of flavors to the finished wine. We hand-harvest grapes that enter a gravity-flow winery and are hand sorted, Individual lots are moved to barrels for malolactic fermentation, then blended and barrel aged in French, American and Hungarian oak. 

Mill Creek Vineyard: Along the western slope of Dry Creek Valley, this hillside vineyard was planted in the mid-1980’s and has produced only Cabernet Sauvignon. It took 8 full years to establish the vines deep enough to see the potential of the vineyard, due to high density of rock just below the surface. Grapevines produce small, concentrated berries with a characteristic minerality. The soil is drip irrigated and sustainably farmed.

D.Rafanelli Vineyard: Along the western slope of Dry Creek Valley, the various hillside vineyards are planted to Clone 15 and 337 Cabernet Sauvignon. Cabernet blocks we consistently harvest from are The Terraces, steep hillside aspect and The Fronterra, at the very top of the Terrace Block, overlooking Dry Creek Valley. The vineyard is sustainably farmed.

Lencioni Vineyard: Along the eastern slope of Dry Creek Valley, a completely dry-farmed Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard has two blocks that we have consistently harvested fruit, 7th Vine and Main Block. The 7th Vine block is picked earlier than the Main Block, as the micro-climate is warmer and sunnier throughout the season than the remainder of the vineyard. Wild blackberry bushes grow sporadically throughout the entire vineyard block. The vineyard is 100% dry-farmed, with little to no intervention other than pruning and soil aeration.

Lake Block Vineyard: At the extreme northern end of Dry Creek Valley and adjacent to the Rockpile appellation, our Lake Block Sangiovese is nestled on a rare flat space among the rolling hills of this property. Well nourished soil and ample access to moisture, the Sangiovese ripens evenly throughout the sun-soaked days and cool nights. The soil is drip irrigated and farmed sustainably.

General notes on each vintage

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