Pasta Video with Taste Fresno and Fresno Bites

It was a real pleasure to make pasta with friends and fellow bloggers, Charles Ciapponi and Alisa Manjarrez. I thought it would be a good start to make two classics, ravioli and pappardelle. The attached video highlights the 3-hour instruction and meal (through the magic of video in 5 minutes) we all helped to create. The recipes for the pasta and the sauce can be found on the Taste Fresno Website or in the Mastro Scheidt Recipe Gallery

I'd like to give special props to Alisa for here delicate work on each ravioli. I understand that she has recently graduated to making panna cotta

In addition, Chuck made one of the finest ravioli doughs I've used since I left Italy. Wonderfully smooth and workable, this dough was perfect for our stuffed pasta.

Taste Fresno - Episode 26 Pasta 101 from on Vimeo.

Special thanks also goes out to Enrique Meza for filming and editing this video. As far as I'm concerned, it's magical what Enrique did with the rough edit I saw. I will post some additional pictures in the Gallery taken by James Collier of Foie Gras and Flannel. James is another magician with his camera and lens. The picture of the flour dropping is pretty cool.