5 Things to know in Italy

Click bait time with a 5 Things headline on Italy. I posted last year about little things many guidebooks don't mention when traveling in Italy. It's not some insiders guide nonsense, just practical stuff one has to deal with while traveling.

Video sign in Italian and the warning in English

Video sign in Italian and the warning in English

1. Recycle Containers when renting an apartment. How many recycle containers does one country need? Plenty. I think the most is 6 containers in Bologna? Or you just dump everything in a street container marked Indifferinziata. If you’re going to get a place on AirBnB, you’re gonna have to deal with waste containers.


2. Smoking is alive and well in Italy my friends. A new generation of smokers is coming. People can’t smoke in restaurants or on trains, but they can smoke right outside the door of the restaurant or the train while the door is open.


3. Graffiti is also alive and well. Regional Trains and buildings, get tagged a lot, the fast trains, not so much. Some of it is actually art, most of it isn’t.


4. Dog Poo. No change. Still plenty of poo on the streets. Lecce does a nice job of street cleaning. Minimal dog poo in Lecce and no less dogs than other Italian towns. Bologna, new to the dog poo rating scale has an issue with the portico system as poo needs to be cleaned by shop owners and rain can’t simply wash things away under a portico. Poo in Bologna is a problem.


5. Restaurant bathrooms (even Michelin rated Restaurants) don't always have toilet seats. But they do have very expensive hand air systems (think Dyson) instead of paper. And one toilet for an entire 30 seat restaurant, so keep an eye on the bathroom if you need to make a go.