The Ham Awakens

"There has been an awakening..."

The Old Republic of Fresno Bloggers was swept away by The Instagram Rebellion. No reader had the time, inclination or concentration to read a 500 word restaurant review, no one cared about another tri tip sandwich discussion. 

Masters of the Long Writing Form aka Blogs, stayed in their homes, cooked with their families, traveled to distant corridors of the County, the State, the Nation and The World for perfect pizza crust, brisket smoke rings and truffle fries. These Old Masters kept in touch, met in private over a craft cocktail or one-on-one in an office to discuss in long-form, the things happening in the restaurant business. Twitter isn't enough and Instagram is here, why fight it.

The Ham transformed and adapted, quietly evaluating, going to his favorite places, Instagraming with everyone else.

The Ham will take over this blog for one month as Master of the Long Blog Form, eater of pork and pasta and drinker of wine and grappa. The Ham was found far, far away from Fresno, initially in Turkey and was finally tracked down snacking on Proscuitto di Parma and Cavallo Tartare with a quartino of Lambrusco in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. After these next 30 days or so he'll be gone again. In the wind...

May the Ham be with you.