Zuppa, SOMA

I'll be honest, I wanted to eat lunch at Orson but they're closed on Monday, so I walked 50 more feet to Zuppa and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

I’d never heard of Zuppa and don’t know anyone who has eaten here. I didn’t look at the menu and decided to go with the recommendation of my server. For $8 and I would have paid double, the lasagna was as good as I’ve had from any restaurant in SF. Nothing fancy, but a well-constructed and executed dish. The red sauce was rich and meaty, the same sauce used for their Bolognese. When I cut the lasagna with my fork each layer didn’t separate into a large mess; obviously a good balance of cheese, to meat, to pasta and bound by a light béchamel.  A couple garlic bread toasts were served with the dish.

To see a pasta dish for $8 on any menu these days in SF is a rarity. For the pasta to taste this good is outstanding at any price.  I’m shocked at the price, but amazed by lasagna. I’m glad Orson wasn’t open on Monday.