Charlie Palmer Steak, Four Seasons, Las Vegas

Charlie Palmer Steak at The Four Seasons

Negroni at the bar. Solid pour. A note on the bartenders, these guys were smooth. From what I could overhear, they answered several questions about food and wine with ease. Whoever did the hiring, nice job.

Spinach Salad with truffle fried egg and warm bacon vinaigrette, eggs make things taste good. The salad dressing had a smokiness too it, but not overpowering. I really like spinach salad, it reminds me of growing up and eating a grown-up salad. This salad brought back good memories and why I like spinach. The truffle was a bonus.

Our sides, Duck Confit fried rice instead of potatoes. I liked the fusion aspect here. No overwhelming umami flavors from the Asian influence either. Creamed Spinach, not a normal menu item, What? I personally believe that creamed spinach has to be on every steak house menu, just like potatoes. I simply asked my server if they could whip up a batch and they did. Thanks for the accommodation.

Once again...Bone-in Rib-eye, flavor and texture completely different than StripSteak. Talk about two different aging techniques and I assume different suppliers of beef. Grassy aged flavor, with a little less mouth filling fat when compared to StripSteak. Think of a side-by-side wine tasting or cheese course and you get a sense that the meat was remarkably different at this restaurant. 

Service was smooth, albeit, the room itself was a bit stuffy. I liked the atmosphere at StripSteak more. Considering CPS is housed in the non-casino Four Seasons, the atmosphere fits the venue. Bring your spouse or girlfriend to StripSteak, bring your parents to Charlie Palmer’s.