Old Roma Station, Healdsburg

After hanging out in the Healdsburg area all day, I tend to finish up at the Old Roma Station of wineries near the Healdsburg Square. I sampled from Sapphire Hill, Keverson, Hart’s Desire, Christie, and of course Camellia Cellars. Here is the list of wines I purchased that day:

   Sapphire Hill 2008 Pinot Noir RRV, Sapphire Hill Vineyard

   J. Keverson 2007 Zinfandel RRV, Alton Lane Vineyard 

   Christie 2008 Pinot Noir RRV

Later, I had fish taco’s courtesy of Camellia Cellar’s (no, they don’t regularly cook fish taco’s. As Bruce said to me, “Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good).

Vintage Wines we drank that night:

1992 Hart’s Desire Napa Valley Cabernet, this wine was not as soft as I would have expected, nor were there any leathery notes. Still a balanced strength to the wine. 

1993 Camellia Zinfandel, biggest surprise for me, a Zinfandel this old usually smells like something between a wet sock and a baseball glove. Neither smell was present. Still some fruit on the nose. Bruce mentioned it was a little higher in alcohol than he makes now.

1999 Camellia Cabernet, Leoncini Vineyard This is why I'm buying Bruce’s wines. They soften into a full palate flavor with luxuriant mouth feel. Great Cab!

I finished up with some of Ray’s Key Lime Pie. A perfect nightcap before my drive back to Oakland.